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SGMC Introduction

Sarang Global Ministry Center / Since SaRang Church was established in 1978

we have been committed to living out our ministerial philosophy which is to train every lay believer to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Our God has given us overflowing grace, far greater than what we sacrificed for Him. Amid the absolute shortage of space, we experienced the Lord's abundant blessing which goes beyond all kinds of limitations. He gave us diverse opportunities to serve the community, the next generation, Korean churches and Korean society.

We have prayed to figure out what we should do to thank God for His generous blessing and to complete our mission in this era. However, since the current church building was established when around 800 people were in our church, we found it very difficult to efficiently pool the grace and competencies the Lord has given to us in the current chapels. Therefore, we have prayed for so long about the barrier of space shortage. God worked in a miraculous way and allowed us to buy a new land of 2,278 pyong (1pyong=3.306m2), 1.8km away from the current building. The land is what our Lord has given to us for the work we will do to please Him. Now, we are fully aware of the new mission that God calls for in the new era, and will do a new thing of 'church construction' based on the following mindset.


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