Glorifying God

True worshipper

“After Adam had sinned, we have lost the way to worship God. However, Christ has recovered the lost aspect of worship through His sacrifice. Through Christ, we can now worship God and enter into various dimensions of the relationship with God. Through worship, we can learn discernment to discern the will of God and the worship of God teaches us how to live out the discerned matter.”

The Christian church confesses the God as the Creator, the Savior and the Judge of history and shall regard making the people who kneel in front of His presence and voice (Homo Adorans) and worshipping people are the most important mission. SaRang Church is the church that will not yield an inch on the matter of worship. Those who can offer the living worship with the spirit and the truth through the presence of the Holy Spirit are the ones of Jesus, ones belonging to the Spirit, and the ones on the way to be matured.