The Church Exploring an Alternative

SaRang Church has been an alternatively oriented church since she was planted with the name of ‘Eunpyung Church’ on the second floor of a shopping building at GangNam district in 1978. Why today’s churches are far from the early church in the New Testament? How can a church be biblically soundly existed in this society of this era? How the whole spiritual environment of Korea can be awaken beyond the revival of a local church? SaRang Church has been considered and practiced seeking the upright characteristics of churches with these issues since her foundation.

SaRang Church in this period considered conversion of awareness as her essential mission as the book “Called to Awakening the Laity,” written by the Late Pastor Han Heum Ok the founder of SaRang Church, states. She awoke the duty-oriented view of church that makes an ascending assignment of duties in accordance of the duration of church attendance, and has done its best to make disciples of the Christ Jesus who reconcile the faith with the life, the worship with the daily life, and the confession with the world-view.