A Church Living on the Wholeness

In 2013, the era of SaRang’s Gangnam campus ended and the church moved to a new location, Seocho campus, across the street from the Korean Supreme Court and the Federal Prosecutors’ Office. And SaRang’s Maniac Theory which emphasized ‘one people the disciple of the Christ Jesus’ was substituted to and supplemented with the Teleios Theory emphasizing ‘holistic discipling of the Christ Jesus’. The core concept of the discipleship training had been ‘Come and See’, however the emphasis has been changed to the concept of ‘Seek and Go’ in the Teleios Theory. This concept is deepening the way of practice to ‘Come and Die’ (the life of contribution and sacrifice) from that of ‘Come and Live’.

The essence of the Teleios Theory is to have awakened laity live a real lives out of churches and country as they learned beyond the common recognition that the laity is the main agents of the church (Maniac Theory). They had learned what is the essence of existence, but now they added life application and right behaviors. If the Maniac Theory puts emphasis on Orthodoxy, while the Teleios Theory introduces the congruence between faith and behavior of Ortho-Praxis. Under the Teleios Theory, mission work is not doing mission and not “a ministry”, either. The Teleios Theory claims the essence of a church is mission. In a word, the church is trying to change her from a learning church to a discipleship training mission church.