Living as Jesus`s Disciple

Evangelist in daily life

Owing to Christ, we must live and can live in a different way from the world. To do so, we must stay close to the Lord, learn from Him and do the works He did through a closed relationship. What and how to train? With spirituality, personality, and intelligence. These three are most important dimensions in the human spiritual area.

The believers who train to be made in the Christ’s image in spirituality, personality and intelligence do not remain in the self-training. They also seek the life to know the Christ Jesus and to testify about Him. Those who are spiritually established are called to be disciples and there are many evidences to be a disciple. But, it is one of the important evidences to call others as disciples of the Christ. The believers of SaRang Church are either to live in discipleship or to have others live in discipleship. The spirit of “Let us know Christ and make Him known” is living in the 40 years history of SaRang Church.