Evangelizing the World

Witness for the World

To those who are under God’s eternal covenant are called to a life of a calling. We cannot live out our lives without the eternal covenant and the unfailing grace of God. God has given us a call to evangelize the world through mission and church exist to evangelize and to do missional works. The mission is not merely an activity that the church engages in but it is the existence of the church. SaRang Church has been a pioneer among the Korean churches in the mission field through various proven methods.

Many church leaders throughout the world came to SaRang Church’s Discipleship Training. This training has helped many church plants in Europe and pastoral training throughout the world. The Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST) has been rebranded to UNION and SaRang Church have been supporting and partnering with Union for the past 10 years to revitalize European churches and to conduct mission work throughout the world effectively.