Saving the Lost Souls

We welcome all of the saints in the name of our Lord!

If you visit the New Comer’s Information Desk,you can have access to various useful information.
Please see below for more detailed information about the New Comer’s Information Desk.

Adults (over 33 years old)

Any adult can register to become a member of our church.
You can register even if you have not completed the New Comer’s Class.
Registration Information You can visit the New Comers Registration Desk located at Dream Center (South) 1st Floor and 4th Floor Underground, Mission Center (North) 1st Floor Underground, and 4th Floor Underground before and after Main Worship Services.
- If a family is registering, then both husband and wife can fill out the registration card but under the ‘family relations’ section only one person need to fill out that section. Please refer to the Sunday Bulletin or the website for ‘New Comer’s Meeting’for further information.
- Singles over 33 and under 45 years of age can register in ‘Gideon’ Community.

Gideon(over 33 and under 45 years of age)

Gideon Community is for the singles over the age of 33 and under the age of 45.
In order to register in Gideon Community, you must complete SaRang Church’s New Comer’s Classfirst.
Registration Information - You must complete SaRang Church New Comer’s Class.
- You must be between the ages of 33 and 45 and single. (An exception applies to divorcees, they must register as Adult)
- Once you register in Gideon Community, you cannot have duplicate registration in the church registry. Also, those who have studied theology, are studying theology, and current ministers cannot register at our church.

Young Adults (under the age of 33)

Young Adults Group is for those who are under the age of 33 and have not been married. In order to register into Young Adults Group, you must complete the 8 week BSC (Beginning SaRang Church) course. Registration Information - After the Young Adults Worship (Begins on Sunday 4:15 PM/Main Worship Hall B4) meet at the Orchestra Section and move with the group to N401 for introduction to Young Adults Group.
- Complete the 8 week BSC (Beginning SaRang Church) course and upon completion you will be assigned to Education Department (Young Adults 1-8 sections))
- You have to be under the age of 33 and must have not been married before to join. (Exceptions may apply after counseling with one of the pastors.)
- Undergraduate Theology majors may register, but graduate theology majors, married person, and those who are ministering in other churches cannot register.

College Young Adults

College Young Adults Group is for those who are between the ages of mid 20’s through mid 30’s. The service begin at 2PM and in order to register you must complete the New Comer’s Class offered at College Young Adults Group. Registration Information - You can register after you complete the New Comer’s Orientation,
  which happens during small group time, and complete the New Comer’s Class (4 weeks).
- Unmarried persons between the ages of 27-35 can register.
- Worship starts every Sunday at 2:10 PM at the South Tower room 802.


College Group is for person between the ages of 20-26 and under. In order to register for College Group (College Groups sections 1 through 8), you have to complete 4 weeks of New Comer’s Class. Registration information - After you have attended the united New Comer’s Class (every Sunday 4PM/North Mission Center Room 502) you will be assigned to the New Comer’s Class to the appropriate sections.
- Upon completion of 4 week course you can register at the College Group.
- Undergraduate theology majors can register but those who are attending graduate level theology courses or who are married cannot register.