A Church of Extending the Ecclesiology

SaRang Church, that appointed Rev. Jung Hyun Oh as the second senior pastor, showed a model of extending the ecclesiology in every aspect. During this period, the church changed the position of senior pastor, and also biblically and creatively changed the newly emerging church values of worship, ministry, and mission facing the sociocultural challenges.

The greatest change was the spiritual nature of worship services. On top of the intellectual element in correctly knowing God, direct touch of the God’s presence and anointing in the worship, voluntary responses as well as other various expressions were naturally added. The congregation became to offer dynamic worship services like King David dancing in front of the Ark every week, with the delight of being accepted as children only through the Christ Jesus. Majestic and glorious aspects of the Holy Triune God invite us the sinners every week at SaRang.

Ministries have grown and diversified. Though the discipleship training was held for Korean churches in abroad several times before, it has internationalized in earnestness during this period. The number of countries and regions that practice the discipleship training has constantly increased. Many of foreign Christian organizations showed their interest in discipleship training and SaRang’s conferences were held to share the ministry philosophy, methodologies, and follow-ups of the discipleship training during this period. Especially in Brazil, Southeast Asia, Europe and Ethiopia, not only local churches but the discipleship training of SaRang was accepted and adopted at the denomination levels.

Through setting mission bases in China (Korea China Foundation, Yunbian University of Science and Technology) and Russia (Solnechny Cultural Center, Vladivostok) and Pyeongyang University of Science and Technology, network and humanitarian support was built and the mission endeavors of SaRang Church had been extended in all directions. SaRang’s Forever Ministry, the special church ministry for senior members, have prepared themselves for this period of rapid population aging recommitted themselves for God’s mission after their retirement.