A Church Training the Laity

This period can be categorized as a period of settlement into the discipleship training (internal dynamics) and the mission consignment (external orientation). The essence of the discipleship training, the essential element of SaRang Church, is ‘to build the right faith through the knowledge of God’. Under such goal, a training course to correctly learn the whole doctrine and to practice them in the real lives is emphasized and focused in the competence of the church.

In this period, SaRang Church practiced a moderate way of mission consignment (sponsoring of credible mission institutes, training of mission resources in the church and collaborating with mission institutes) under the catch phrase of ‘Northern Mission’. Considerable numbers of tent-maker missionaries who had been mobilized, trained and dispatched in the church were important fruits that the awakened mission spirit had developed.

One of the keywords defining SaRang Church during this period was the youth. Unlike other churches, about 40 percent of SaRang congregation was under 30’s. This showed that SaRang Church and the discipleship training were selected as an alternative to the culture of consumption by the posterities of old generation who led the political democracy and economic development of Korea. It was an important indicator of the church.